Show rundown for 12/29/2004

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Top News December 29

Top News December 29

Looking for Ways to Help

In the wake of the horrible South Asian tsunami, many are looking for ways to help. We'll talk about some of the charitable organizations raising funds to help out those affected.

The Year in Sports

We take a look back at the year in sports with Dave Kindred, columnist for the Sporting News, and Helene Elliot, sports reporter for the Los Angeles Times.

Atlantic Tsunami?

Bob Oakes talks the director of the Weston Observatory about the eathquake that spawned the massive tsunami and if something similar could happen on the East Coast of the United States.

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson

Your Turn

We read letters from our listeners.

Survivor's Diary

We have a diary from an American traveling in Phuket, Thailand the day of the tsunami.

Robert Johnson Biography

We talk with the author Elijah Wald about his biography of legendary bluesman, Robert Johnson.

This program aired on December 29, 2004.


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