Show rundown for 1/11/2005

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Judge Picked for Homeland Security

President Bush has nominated the federal judge for the post of Homeland Security chief.

Rebuilding Homes and Lives

Last week's devastated tsunami's left thousands of people homeless. Today, we'll talk with some in the aid community who are hoping to be rebuilding homes for those affected by the tsunamis.

Turbulent Air

CBS fired four over the Bush National Guard story, CNN fired Tucker Carlson and cancelled "Crossfire," and Armstrong Williams admitted to accepting cash to push Bush Administration policies. We'll check in on the state of the media in the U.S.

Shelter for Life

A conversation with the head of a group that plans to build thousands of homes in Sri Lanka.

Penn Speaks Out

Sean Penn's got a new movie out called, "The Assassination of Richard Nixon." We talk to him about his new movie, and about his opposition to the war in Iraq.

This program aired on January 11, 2005.

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