Show rundown for 1/17/2005

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Target Iran?

We speak with Seymour Hersh who writes in this week's New Yorker that President Bush has authorized secret covert operations against Iran.

The Inaugural: The Money, the Pomp, the Politics

Washington will be awash in red, white, and blue this week as President Bush gets ready for round two. We preview the pageantry and protests as well as what the president is expected to say.

King Remembered

On this day to remember Martin Luther King, we feature a story from January, 2003, just as the U.S. was preparing to invade Iraq.

Football: Down to Four

It's down to four teams. We speak to Ron Rapoport of the Chicago Sun Times about the AFC and NFC title games.

Wal-Mart on the Offensive

The nation's largest retailer launched a public relations campaign to counter what it says are false allegations about its business practices.

Ken Burns on Jack Johnson

We speak to filmmaker Ken Burns about his new documentary about African-American fighter Jack Johnson.

This program aired on January 17, 2005.


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