Show rundown for 1/21/2005

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International Reaction to Bush Address

In his inaugural address yesterday, President Bush said that spreading liberty throughout the world is the "calling of our time." We'll get reaction from overseas to his assertion.

Social Security Reform

High on the president's agenda this term is reforming the social security system. But while the president talks about a crisis and a bankrupt system his reform agenda won't be a cakewalk in Congress.

Privatization Across the Pond

The chief domestic goal of Bush's second administration is likely to be social security reform. We'll compare our system to that of the UK.

Once an Insurgent, Now a Pol

We have an interesting profile of one of the candidates in the Iraqi election, a man who was formerly part of the Mahdi Army.

Inaugural Gossip

We review yesterday's inaugural events from the point of view of the Washington Post's gossip columnist, Richard Leiby.

Flu Shot Shortage

Here & Now's medical journalist talks about this year's influenza outbreak, and the controversy over the vaccine shortage.

Milton Babbitt

Here & Now's April Peavey visits with American composer Milton Babbitt.

This program aired on January 21, 2005.

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