Show rundown for 2/2/2005

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Report: N. Korea Sold Uranium to Libya

Reports that some Libyan nuclear material may have come from North Korea renews calls to deal with the Communist nation.

A Progressive View of the State of the Union

We have a State of the Union preview with the Reverand Jim Wallis, who edits Sojourner Magazine.

Medical Bills and Bankruptcy

A Harvard study shows that medical costs are so heinous, they are bankrupting many families.

Is White House Journalist a GOP Plant?

The White House has given press credentials to a man, who it turns out is not a journalist, but rather a plant, paid by a Texas Republican.

It's About Time

The Utne Reader has an interesting look at a problem they call the "Time Deficit." They say American have less and less free time, and it's becoming a political issue.

This program aired on February 2, 2005.

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