Show rundown for 2/10/2005

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FAA Warned About Hijacking Pre-9/11

Reports discussing airline hijackings and suicide operations were available to federal aviation officials in the months leading up to September 11th.

Medicaid and the Elderly

Medicaid provides health insurance to poor children and their families; it's also the program that pays for nursing home care for indigent elderly and disabled adults.

Money Management and 20-Somethings

President Bush often speaks of young Americans when he touts his plan for Social Security accounts. But are today's 20-somethings up to the task of managing their own money?

Watergate Reporters' Notes Go on Display

The University of Texas is airing out thousands of pages of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein's interview notes, tapes, and other materials.

Rising from the Rails

There are only a few Pullman Porters still alive, but once there were thousands of them.

This program aired on February 10, 2005.

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