Show rundown for 2/11/2005

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Nuke Material Missing for Over a Month

A container of nuclear material was found this week in a storage warehouse where it sat for more than a month before anyone realized it was missing.

Indispensable Nation?

A critic of the Bush administration says other nations are making deals and signing treaties that will "cut the U.S. down to size."

Journey to Darfur

Two Boston women tell their story of their journey to Darfur, where tens of thousands have died in the past two years.

Playwright Arthur Miller Dead at 89

The playwright who wrote so poignantly about the death of the American dream passed away Thursday night at his Connecticut home.

Teacher Fights Deportation

Here and Now's Athena Desai tells the story of a Boston teacher who faces deportion because of a minor visa violation.

Queen Camilla?

The announcement that England's Prince Charles will marry his longtime lover Camilla Parker Bowles has London in a tizzy.

This program aired on February 11, 2005.


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