Show rundown for 3/2/2005

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Court Considers Ten Commandments Appeals

We're checking in on Supreme Court arguments today over displaying the Ten Commandments in public facilities. Meanwhile, a reporter for the Legal Times has noticed that the dome of the Supreme Court itself is decorated with lines from the Ten Commandments.

Afghanistan's Misery Compounded by Winter

We talk with a reporter from Afghanistan about the country's harsh winter and extreme poverty.

Ad Offers Reward for Bin Laden

We look at a new marketing campaign, launched by the U.S. government, to try to get people in the western regions of Pakistan to hand over Osama Bin Landen.

Wall Street and the Social Security Debate

Why isn't Wall Street more involved in the debate over Social Security reform?

Oil and Pensions

The money that's building your nest egg may be the reason your car is so expensive to drive now.

New Rules for the SAT

That venerable right of passage for college bound high school students is undergoing changes.

This program aired on March 2, 2005.

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