Show rundown for 3/16/2005

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More Reports of Inmate Deaths

A new report suggests that 26 prisoners held by the U.S. in Afghanistan and Iraq may have been murdered by their captors.

Assembly Meets

The Iraqi National Assembly has finally met for the first time. We'll talk with a female assembly member.

Bush Taps Wolfowitz for World Bank

The Deputy Defense Secretary has been a lightning rod for criticism of invasion of iraq and for his reputation as being a foreign policy hawk.

Big Troubles for Big Dig

The nation's largest public works project is once again the source of controversy.

Congressman Rips Haliburton

Congressman Henry Waxman is voicing his concern that Halliburton overcharged for services provided in Iraq.

Summers Gets No Confidence Vote

Harvard's president has been under fire for his leadership style and comments about women.

A Conversation with Mark Morris

We talked to Mark Morris as he videotaped a dance that he choreographed in 2002. The company currently is on a national tour.

This program aired on March 16, 2005.

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