Show rundown for 3/18/2005

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House Fights to Keep Schiavo Alive

Members of Congress have gotten involved in the case of a Florida woman on life support. She was scheduled to have a feeding tube removed today, now the House is looking to stay that move. We'll have the latest on the Terry Shiavo case.

The Appalachees

Members of a Native American tribe long thought extinct have been discovered living in the bayous of Louisiana. We talk with an anthropologist, and with the chief of the Appalachees.

Radio's New Golden Age?

Wired Magazine has predicted the end of radio as we know it, but they also say that we're on the edge of the golden age of radio.

Logan's High Tech Terminal

It's the airports first major new terminal since 9/11.

A Look Back at Lenny

The FCC's been in the news a lot lately, for cracking down on indecency. We decided that it gave us a chance to take a look back at the career of Lenny Bruce.

This program aired on March 18, 2005.

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