Show rundown for 3/24/2005

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Court Rejects Schiavo Case

The Supreme Court has rejected a desperate appeal from the parents of Terri Schiavo to re-insert her feeding tube.

Schiavo Case Exposes GOP Fault Lines

Some Democrats voted for the Republican-sponsored bill that allowed federal courts to intervene in the Schiaveo case. But only a handful of Republicans bucked their party.

Delay Caught on Tape

House Majority Leader Tom Delay is under fire for statements he made about the Schiavo case.

Career Span of Black NBA Coaches

A reporter has found that black coaches in the NBA are fired more quickly than their white counterparts.

Fingerprints Catch Criminal on the Lam

The case of a convicted murderer turned poet has us looking at the national database of fingerprints.

Life on the Border

Author Ken Ellingwood talks about his new book "Hard Line: Life and Death on the U.S.-Mexico Border."

Sounding off about Schiavo Case

We hear listeners opinions about the Schiavo case.

This program aired on March 24, 2005.

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