Show rundown for 4/13/2005

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Deadly Virus Accidentally Sent to Labs

A flu virus distributed to labs for testing purposes is discovered to be the same strain responsible for a pandemic in the late '50s. Now, the World Health Organization, concerned about another outbreak, is urging the labs to destroy the virus.

Bush, Sharon at Odds Over Settlements

The White House and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon are at odds over Israel's plan to expand Jewish settlements east of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem 2050

As Ariel Sharon pushes settlement expansion around Jerusalem, we talk to a participant in a conference imagining a prosperous and peaceful future for the divided city.

Is Delay Being Singled Out?

A lobbyist watch dog group examines the activities of House Majority Leader Tom Delay.

UMass Student at Center of File Swapping Storm

The recording industry says program developed by UMass student facilitates illegal file swapping. Bob Oakes speaks with the student creator of I2hub.

TV Show Revels in End of Times

"Revelations" premieres this evening on NBC. A TV critic reveals his thoughts on this eschatological thriller.

This program aired on April 13, 2005.


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