Show rundown for 4/21/2005

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Will Frist go Nuclear?

In Washington today, all eyes are on the Senate, where the battle over judicial nominees has been joined.

Violence Against Teachers

A recent spate of violence against teachers is unsettling school officials.

Crimestoppers in the Classroom

Schools are turning to Crimestoppers programs that pay students to turn in classmates who carry guns or drugs.

Schwarzenegger Under Fire for "Closing the Border" Remarks

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger apologized yesterday for telling a group of newspaper publishers in San Francisco that the U.S. should "close the border'" with Mexico.

Your Turn

Letters, calls, emails from our listeners.

Building the Better Bot

High school students from poor, Mexican immigrant families best students from MIT and other top schools in an underwater robot competition.

This program aired on April 21, 2005.


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