Show rundown for 5/25/2005

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The President and Congress

We take a look at recent events in Washington and the president's power base in Congress.

Arming Space

In part one of our two part series on the arming of space, we take a look at some of the proposed space based military technologies, and talk about their viability.

The Orthodox Church in the Middle East

The Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem is under fire for allowing the long term leasing of Church property in East Jerusalem to Jewish interests. We take a look at the controversy, and at the role of the Orthodox Church in the region.

Beast in the Garden

Bears have been increasingly showing up in people's backyards, including one who took a swim in a Southern California swimming pool. We talk with the author of "Beast in the Garden", David Baron, about the clash of species in American suburbs.

Tofu for a Western Taste

Producer Kelly Jones travelled to a Japanese tofu factory to find out how the influence of western foods has forced the tofu industry to make changes in the way it manufactures and markets it's traditional product.

This program aired on May 25, 2005.


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