Show rundown for 5/30/2005

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Operations in Iraq

We check in on the situation in Iraq, where insurgent bombing has killed nearly 30 people today, and Iraqi and American forces have launched Operation Lightning, in an effort to capture insurgents.

War Films

On this Memorial Day, we survey war films from the last half century, consider what the films of the time say about our attitude toward war. Deborah Becker talks with Ted Barron of the Harvard Film Archive.

Holliston Memorials

One man in Holliston, Mass, has made it his mission to memorialize all American and allied forces killed in Iraq.

Tillman's Death

Bill Littlefield comments on the events and confusion around the death of Pat Tillman

Age and Health Care

Host Robin Young has a essay about the health care decisions she has to make in regard to her ailing mother.

Charles Russell Lowell

Carol Bundy has written a book about Charles Russell Lowell, a volunteer in the Union cavalry, whose leadership on the battlefield was key to an important Union victory in October, 1864, a victory that helped President Abraham Lincoln win re-election just a few weeks later. Lowell died in the battle.

This program aired on May 30, 2005.


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