Show rundown for 6/16/2005

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Times Says US Reduced Tobacco Penalty

Memo's leaked to the New York Times show that government lawyers were ordered to reduce the the penalities sought in a lawsuit against the tobacco industry.

Fallout from UK Memo

Memos from the United Kingdom show that the Bush administration was committed to invading Iraq months before any decision had been announced, and that intelligence reports were "fixed" to support that decision.

Remembering Shirley Povich

Bill Littlefield talks with Maury Povich about Povich's father, the legendary sports writer Shirley Povich.

Refusing To Provide Care

We talk with a bioethicist about the growing controversy over pharmacists and doctors refusing to provide care because of religious beliefs.

Gogol Bordello

We meet the lead singer from the gypsy punk band, Gogol Bordello.

This program aired on June 16, 2005.


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