Show rundown for 7/8/2005

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London Bombings

We'll have an update on the investigation into yesterday's blasts in London.

Muslims Fear Backlash

No arrests or suspects have been identified, but do London's Muslims fear some type of backlash against them? We speak to a representative from England's Muslim Council.

U.S. Security

We speak with Roger Cressey. He worked in the Clinton and Bush White Houses along with Richard Clark in the Counter-Terrorism Office.

The "Freakonomics" of Car Seat Safety

Do children over two years of age really need car seats to stay safe in crashes? Would improved seat belts be just as reliable? Stephen Dubner, the author of "Freakonomics," tackles this question from an economic perspective.

Egypt's Envoy

Egypt's envoy to Iraq is killed. We hear from an Egyptian academic about his thoughts of Egypt's decision to send an envoy to Iraq.

Sports Tidbits

Olympics, Tour de France, Michelle Wie, and All-Stars with Only A Game's Bill Littlefield.

This program aired on July 8, 2005.

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