Show rundown for 7/14/2005

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Leeds Investigation

We'll have the latest from Leeds in England, on the investigation into last week's London subway and bus bombings.

Britain Police "Review"

We hear from the editor of Jane's Police Review about the London bombing investigation.

British Policeman's Point of View

We hear from one policeman about his experiences last Thursday.

Iraq Suicide Bombings

We'll get a check in on the situation in Iraq, one day after a truck bomb killed 18 children and 9 others. The kids were getting candy from U.S. service members, when the suicide bomber detonated his truck.

Soldiers' Studies

Audie Cornish reports about an interesting correspondence course on business being offered to U.S. soldiers serving in Iraq.

NHL Back on the Ice

The NHL has announced an agreement between owners and players, meaning there will be a hockey season starting in the fall.

Crazy for Crosswords

We talk with the author of a book about America's obsession with crossword puzzles.

This program aired on July 14, 2005.


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