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India PM Addresses Congress

The Prime Minister of India addressed a joint session of Congress today, one day after reaching a tentative agreement with President Bush which would allow U.S. nuclear power technology to be shared with India.

India's Booming

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's visit comes as India's economy is booming. To talk about India's growth and what it means for U.S.-India relations is Tarun Khanna professor of business administration at Harvard Business School.

Fidelity Scandal

A scandal at Fidelity Investments over improper entertainment expenses has investigators looking into who paid for a party which included an expensive yacht.

Floating Lantern Ceremony Honors the Departed

In Boston a ceremony honoring the dead borrows from an ancient Japanese tradition.

Pitch Black Afro Raps for South Africa

In South Africa, for instance, the big hip hop name is "Pitch Black Afro," a man with an enormous presence and a hairdo to match.

This program aired on July 19, 2005.

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