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London Update

We'll check in on London, where there have been reports of incidents in the subway, and on at least one bus, just two weeks after the deadly suicide bombings there.

Analysis of Iraq

We speak with defense analyst John Arquilla about the current state of affairs in the campaign in Iraq. Some say the U.S. should pull forces out, some say they should stay. Arquilla proposes a third way.

Chinese Currency

The Bush administration today welcomed an announcement by China that it will no longer link its currency to the U.S. dollar.

Steroids and Sports

We have a conversation about steroids in sports with Howard Bryant, author of the book, "Juicing the Game."

Rocky Road Trip

In his new book, "Killing Yourself to Live," Chuck Klosterman travelled across the country, visiting the sites where rock and roll musicians died before their time.

This program aired on July 21, 2005.

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