Show rundown for 8/8/2005

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Rethinking Homeland Strategy

The Pentagon is debating what role the acitve U.S. military would have if terrorists struck within the U.S.

Fight Against Famine

Thousands of tons of food are making their way into Niger, a country beset with a famine predicted last fall.

Police Lineups Reconsidered

In light of genetic evidence proving accused criminals selected from a lineup have actually been innocent, several cities are reconsidering the use and effectiveness of the classic lineup.

Hysterectomy Concerns

UCLA researchers have confirmed that the removal of healthy ovaries during hysterectomies has no health benefit and may even be harmful to a woman's health.

The Last of a Long Line

The death last night of ABC news anchor Peter Jennings marks the end of an era in television journalism.

This program aired on August 8, 2005.

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