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Congressman: 9/11 Hijackers Were Surveilled

Congressman Curt Weldon discusses the sharing of Top Secret information.

Gaza Pullout

With the deadline for settler withdrawal less then a week away, the eyes of the world are on Ariel Sharon and Israel to follow through with their plan.

Rare Map Thefts

A map collector faces charges he stole rare maps from the Yale University Library.

The New Bad Boy of Graffiti Art

Wired Magazine's Jeff Howe discusses the street artist known as Banksy, a figure who has been creating a buzz throughout the art world with his interesting actions.


Listeners share their thoughts and ideas.

Touchy Stories

Leslea Newman discusses her newest children's book, "Jailbait," another book which focuses on a rather controversial subject.

This program aired on August 9, 2005.