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Final Draft

Iraq continues to struggle to draft its constitution.

The Facebook

"I'm amazed at how much students are willing to put up on Facebook, they're willing to put up things I didn't tell my wife until after we were married."- Adam Weinberg, sociologist and dean of Colgate University.

The Valerie Plame Affair

"Somebody appears to have gone too far." -Tom Hamburger on the apparent attempts of the White House to discredit Joseph Wilson.

Return of the Beasts

"We're not going to just willy-nilly drive a truck out somewhere and let a bunch of lions loose." --Professor Harry Green on reintroducing predatory animals in the U.S.

Grinding Act

"Making sure my Scottish accent is right on for my one line." --Aspiring actor at Williamstown Theater Festival discussing his preparations.

This program aired on August 26, 2005.

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