Show rundown for 9/2/2005

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Bush Recognizes Aid Fell Short

President Bush is acknowledging efforts to help the victims of hurricane Katrina have fallen short.

Widespread Destruction

The destruction from Hurricane Katrina has affected more than just the citizens of New Orleans. One Biloxi, AL resident explains how he escaped and settled in Mobile, AL.

Who's in Charge of Relief Efforts?

As the government ramps up its efforts on hurricane relief the major question of who is in charge still remains.

Race and Class in New Orleans

It's no accident that the majority of the storm's victims in New Orleans are poor and African-American.

Political fallout from Katrina

Christian Science Monitor's correspondent Gail Chaddock explains how the hurricane disaster is playing out politically in Washington, DC.

Big Easy Music

A trumpeter from New Orleans reflects on the role of music in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and says that the city's music must go on.

This program aired on September 2, 2005.

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