Show rundown for 9/14/2005

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Constitution Finalized Amidst Deadly Explosion

A series of deadly explosions ripped through Baghdad today killing 150 people as the Iraqi draft constitution was finalized.

Reform, Poverty Debated at U.N. Summit

The U.N gathers in New York for its 60th anniversary.

Health Care Facilities Investigated Following Storm Deaths

Louisiana is investigating the deaths of 45 patients whose bodies were found this week at an evacuated New Orleans hospital and charging two nursing home owners with negligent homicide for the deaths of 34 patients.

Robert Hearings Update

Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee continue to press Supreme Court chief justice nominee John Roberts.

Glimmer of Hope

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, there are still stories with happy endings.

"When the Emperor Was Divine"

Julie Otsuka discusses her novel, "When the Emperor Was Divine."

This program aired on September 14, 2005.

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