Show rundown for 9/23/2005

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Port Arthur Girds for Rita

Deborah Becker speaks with police lieutenant Rodney Balsamo, who is in Port Arthur, Texas, one of the communities directly in Rita's path.

Rita's Economic Impact

Huge chemical and oil plants in the area most likely to be affected by Rita account for roughly two percent of the country's total economic output.

Iraq Update

We look at what's happening inside Iraq in two hotspots.

Poet Refuses White House Invitation

The poet Sharon Olds rejects the first lady's invitation to the National Book Festival.

Questionable Contracts

The effort to rebuild the Gulf coast region has raised awareness of the government's questionable method of awarding contracts to private businesses.

The Hunt for Red October

The action, adventure, and mystery all coming at the end of the baseball season.

The Answers to Life's Great Questions

New York City Doctor Billy Goldberg has teamed up with satirist Mark Leyner to find the answers to some of the great mysteries of life.

This program aired on September 23, 2005.

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