Show rundown for 10/14/2005

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The GOP's "Perfect Storm"

Recent events are taking a toil on the president's overall approval rating, which is now at an all-time low. One Republican calls the series of Washington scandals "a perfect storm" for the GOP.

Avian Flu Arrives in Europe

Health officials say there's no cause for panic, but there's concern that if the virus mutates to transmit from human to human, it could create a world-wide pandemic.

LA Archdiocese Releases Files on Priests' Abuse

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles releases files of 126 priests accused of sexually molesting children.

Remembering Cummings

We speak with Boston poet Charles Coe who will be taking part in a tribute to e.e cummings at the poet's grave site in Massachusetts this weekend.

A Dido and Aeneas for the 21st Century

The Handel & Haydn Society of Boston brings the 17th century baroque opera to the stage with a contemporary twist.

This program aired on October 14, 2005.

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