Show rundown for 10/31/2005

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Samuel Alito's Nomination

We have the latest of President Bush's nomination to the Supreme Court, including a response from two advocates representing opposite ends of the political spectrum.

The Democrats React

Democratic leaders are gearing up for a fight over President Bush's nomination of Samuel Alito as the next Supreme Court justice. John Fund, editor of the Wall Street Journal's and Joan Walsh, editor in chief of Salon, assay the Democrats' reaction to the nomination.

Sex Offenders Get Halloween Curfew

The State of New Jersey is clamping down on sex offenders on Halloween.

Tutus and Tiaras

There are two goals on Halloween: safety and fun. This weekend the buzz was that plenty of the latter could be had at the Boston Ballet Costume Shoppe sale. Lynn Menegon was there and has this report.

Orchestra Brings Phantom to Life

Bill Marx speaks with Alloy Orchestra director Ken Winokur. The orchestra is providing the score to the 1925 movie classic "Phantom of the Opera."

This program aired on October 31, 2005.

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