Show rundown for 11/7/2005

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The French Riots

Hundreds of young French Muslims riot across France destroying cars.

Liberal Hawk on What Went Wrong

Author George Packer is a self-described liberal hawk who initially supported the war. Now he wonders how so much could have gone so wrong.

The Debate Over Health Savings Plans

High deductible health plans matched with health savings accounts can not only save money for employers but also allow people without insurance to buy coverage. But there are many potential downsides.

Jaunt in the Joint

For a small group of inmates at the Charles Bass Correctional Complex in Nashville, Tennessee, distance running offers freedom.

Dinner Hour Still a Pastime for this Family

Author Marialisa Calta and Kathy Gunst visit one of the families profiled in Calta's book on dinner time.

This program aired on November 7, 2005.


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