Show rundown for 12/12/2005

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Iraqis Go to the Polls

All eyes are on disempowered Iraqi Sunnis who mainly boycotted the previous two national elections this year.

Lawyers Seek Stay for Former Gang Leader

A team of lawyers for convicted killer, Stanley "Tookie" Williams is busy with a last ditch appeal to get his execution called off.

The White House Conference on Aging

The White Conference on Aging convenes today. Among the topics: the retirement of the baby boomers.

Richard Pryor Remembered

Earlier this year we spoke with Gene Wilder about his film partner Pryor, the man who taught him to improvise.

Buried at School

We speak with Reverend William Seetch of Notre Dame about a plan to allow graduates to be buried on campus.

Undiscovered Gems from Motown

A new compilation of Motown hits has been released.

This program aired on December 12, 2005.


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