Show rundown for 12/14/2005

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Bush, Iraq, Elections

Ahead of tomorrow's elections, the president speaks out again about Iraq.

Home Healthcare and Medicaid

Why do some Medicaid programs cover home health care and others do not? We hear from a Massachusetts man who is caring for his ailing wife at home. And we speak with health policy analyst Stuart Altman of Brandeis.

Toxic Spill Flows Toward Russia

A toxic spill in northern China is making its way along a river that flows to Russia.

Study: Fiber Doesn' Fight Cancer

A new study finds that eating a lot of fiber-rich foods does not appear to reduce a chance of getting colo-rectal cancer.

The Return of Winter

We speak with with musician Paul Winter about his yearly celebration of the Winter Solstice.

This program aired on December 14, 2005.


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