Show rundown for 12/22/2005

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Police and Protest Rallies

The New York Times is reporting on New York City police surveillance of anti-war rallies, bicycle riders and mourners.

Relief Efforts in Pakistan

We speak with AP's Kathy Gannon in Pakistan about efforts to shelter the thousands left homeless by an earthquake. And we speak with Drs. Iqbal Ahmad and Nila Mughal about their work in the region following the quake and the medical challenges ahead.

Saddam Trial

We speak with Stanford professor Allen Weiner who argues that Saddam can and should receive a fair trial.

Chimps and Kids Reveal Clues on Learning

A new study looks at how children and chimps learn.

An Interview with Duncan Tucker

The director talks about his new film "Transamerica."

This program aired on December 22, 2005.


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