Show rundown for 1/16/2006

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Iraq Update

Nelson Hernandez, a reporter for the Washington Post, gives the latest from today's events in Iraq.

Worst Hard Times

Tim Egan talks about his new book which tells the story of those who stayed in their homes during the Great American Dust Bowl of 1935.

Liberia's First Woman President

Host Robin Young spoke with Liberia's new president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf when she visited Boston as a candidate to raise money for her presidential bid.

Harlequin Frogs Becoming Extinct

Professor Andrew Dobson of Princeton University says the harlequin frogs are disappearing around the world because of global warming.

Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Childrens' choirs from three major metropolitan cities unite in Boston to sing a new work inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr.

This program aired on January 16, 2006.


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