Show rundown for 2/3/2006

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The Long War

The Pentagon releases its long-range planning goals, and tha new phrase phrase "the long war" figures prominently.

Critical Care Air

A massive flying intensive care unit treats the wounded from the war in Iraq — including ABC anchor Bob Woodruff.

Mohammed Cartoons Spark Fury

We speak to Brandeis professor Jyette Klausen about the furor in the Islamic world over the portrayal of Mohammed in cartoons and drawings.

The Hype and the Glory

Only A Game's Bill Littlefield on the hype and hooplah that is the Superbowl.

City Councilor Martha Reeves

Hometown girl Martha Reeves of Martha Reeves and the Vandellas fame is the newest city councilor in Detroit.

This program aired on February 3, 2006.


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