Show rundown for 2/8/2006

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The Sound and Fury over Danish Cartoons

Controversy over the publication of cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed and Muslims continues to roil much of the Islamic world.

Study: Low-Fat Diets Don't Reduce Cancer, Heart Risks

A evolutionary new study finds that eating less fat does not cut the risk of cancer or heart disease in women.

Marines Killed in Iraq

We speak with a Washington Post reporter who has been embedded with a unit of Marines based in Hit, Iraq.

Selective Abortions in India

As many as ten million female fetuses may have been aborted in India in the last two decades.

Jay McInerney's Good Life

After a long bout with writer's block, the author of "Bright Lights, Big City" is back with a new novel about two elite New Yorkers in search of redemption.

This program aired on February 8, 2006.


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