Show rundown for 2/9/2006

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Bush: U.S. Foiled Terror Plot

In a speech Wednesday, President Bush provides more details about how investigators foiled a terrorist plot to fly a commercial jet into the tallest building in Los Angeles.

GOP House Chair Calls for NSA Review

Republican Congresswoman Heather Wilson breaks ranks with the Bush adminstration and calls for a full inquiry into the NSA's spying program.

Debating the Roots of Terrorism

We speak with Husain Haqqani, professor of Interational Relations at Boston University, who disputes some of the commonly held ideas about terrorists and terrorism.

Coal and Gas

How do zero emission coal-fired plants work? Also, Montana's governor Brian Schweitzer on how his state could ease U.S. dependency on foreign oil.

The Curious Origins of Curious George

On the eve of the debut of George's new movie, we rebroadcast an interview with Louise Borden, the author of a book on the lovable primate's creators.

This program aired on February 9, 2006.


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