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Show rundown for 2/10/2006

This article is more than 17 years old.

Brown: Administration Knew Levees Breached

Former FEMA director Mike Brown says President Bush and the Department of Homeland Security knew that the levees had been breached in New Orleans the day the hurricane hit.

Times Reporter on NSA Spying

Robin Young speaks with one of the reporters who broke the story on the NSA wiretapping program.

U.S. Olympic Troubles

On the opening day of the Winter Olympics in Turin the United States team has already received a couple of setbacks.

Reaction to Katrina Hearings

A community activist and the co-commissioner of the Bring New Orleans Back Commission responds to the comments of former FEMA director Mike Brown.

Marley Remembered

Reggae fans throughout the world are celebrating reggae superstar Bob Marley's birthday.

This program aired on February 10, 2006.


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