Show rundown for 2/16/2006

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Iraq Update

The Iraqi government is investigating claims of police death squads today, after authorities found the bodies of ten men who were shot execution style. Joining us on the line with more from Baghdad is Los Angeles Times correspondent Borzou Daragahi.

FDA Advisory on ADD Drugs

The FDA's advisory committee recommends warnings on medications to treat attention deficit disorder.

Green Olympics

The organizers of the Winter Olympics say these are the most environmentally aware winter games in history. We speak with Ugo Pretato, head of environmental programs at the games in Turin.

Injury Prone Olympics

With one week to go in the 2006 Winter Olympics, the forecast for the games is more ice and accidents ahead. Joining us to talk about the winter games is Bill Littlefield, host of Only a Game.

African-America Women and the Mommy Debate

Many African-American women say the so called "mommy wars" are not something they fight, or even understand. Washington Post reporter Lonnae O'Neal Parker voices this perspective in her new book.

This program aired on February 16, 2006.


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