Show rundown for 2/22/2006

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Samarra Shiite Shrine Bombing

LA Times reporter Borzou Daragahi gives the latest on the attack on a venerated Shiite mosque in Iraq.

Anti-Americanism in Turkey

A new popular film in Turkey depicts American soldiers killing innocents and harvesting organs from Iraqi detainees. We look at what's behind the rise of anti- Americanism in Turkey.

Harvard President Resigns

Harvard President Larry Summers will resign at the end of this academic year. We look at what this means for Harvard and for higher education.

Legality of Lethal Injections in California

The postponed execution of Michael Morales in California is raising questions about the legality of lethal injection in that state.

Banana Cultures

The most consumed fresh fruit in the United States is often overlooked in how complex its growing and cultivation process is. Carnegie Mellon associate professor John Soluri talks about his new book called "Banana Cultures: Agriculture, Consumption and Environmental Change in Honduras and the United States."

This program aired on February 22, 2006.


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