Show rundown for 3/13/2006

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Iraq Invasion Anniversary

President Bush gives a speech on Iraq, as the third anniversary of the start of the war nears.

Wrongful Birth

We speak to journalist Elizabeth Weil about her story in Sunday's New York Times Magazine — a woman sued a doctor after her severely deformed son was born. The woman argues that lack of information from the doctor deprived her of the right to get an abortion.

Enron Trial Resumes

Andrew Fastow is back on the stand in the Enron trial.

Looking Back: Vietnam and Iraq

In Boston this weekend at the John F. Kennedy Library the topic was the Vietnam war. Advisers to four Vietnam-era presidents were there to look back and look at Iraq.

Musical Ambassador

A Jordanian musician tours the U.S. hoping to inform Americans about the Middle East.

Tony Soprano Dead?

What happened to Tony Soprano last night? In the season opener of the HBO series "The Sopranos," Tony gets shot by Uncle Junior! What a brilliant plot twist — killing off the star at the beginning of the season. Bob Thompson, pop culture professor at Syracuse University is here to fill us in on the water cooler gossip.

This program aired on March 13, 2006.


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