Show rundown for 4/4/2006

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Delay Leaving Congress

Congressman Tom Delay says he's leaving Congress and will not seek re-election. We speak with TJ Aulds, a reporter with the Galveston News. Aulds had an exclusive interview with Delay last night.


Health reporter Judy Foreman looks at the role inflammation plays in diabetes, heart disease and other ailments.

French Protests

More protests today over a new law that allows companies to terminate employees.

NCAA Update

Duke and Maryland meet tonight in a sold out arena in Boston to battle it out for the NCAA womens basketball championship.

Author Myriam Cyr

We speak with Myriam Cyr about her book, "Letters of a Portugues Nun: Uncovering the Mystery Behind a 17th Century Forbidden Lovw."

This program aired on April 4, 2006.


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