Show rundown for 4/20/2006

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China's Hu Visits the White House

Newsweek reporter Richard Wolffe gives us the latest on what issues are on the agenda.

Spotlight on China

The former editor of the Near East Economic Review talks about China's interests in Iran and North Korea. And we talk with Deborah Fikes of the Midland Ministerial Alliance about human rights in China.

Boston Archdiocese Opens its Books

We speak to Here & Now reporter Monica Brady-Meyerov about the Church's decision to release its financial audit.

Not OK in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is the last state in the Union where tattoos are illegal. We talk to the owner of a tattoo parlor who challenged the prohibition.

Putting Autism on Stage

A new musical about a family dealing with a severly autistic child opens at the Boston Conservatory.

This program aired on April 20, 2006.

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