Show rundown for 4/24/2006

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Congress: Back in Town

Congress is back from Easter break. We check in with John Harwood of MSNBC and The Wall Street Journal about leaks, cabinet shuffling and more.

Ijtihad - "Think for Yourself"

American Muslims are calling for moderation in Islam, and some are facing death threats for doing so. We speak to Asra Nomani, former reporter for the Wall Street Journal and Dr. Radwan Masmoudi of the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy.

Ken Lay Testifies

Ken Lay takes the stand in his own defense.

Harvard's Possible Plagiarist

Did a young, best-selling author plagiarize? We look at the allegations against Harvard University sophomore Kaavya Viswanathan.

September 11th the Movie

We speak with filmmaker Paul Greenglass about his new feature film, "United 93."

This program aired on April 24, 2006.


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