Show rundown for 6/6/2006

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Striving for Stem Cells

Researchers at Children's Hospital in Boston and Harvard University announce the launch of their programs to create disease-specific human embryonic stem cells.

Virtuous Video Games?

Thought the crimes of Darfur or Columbine, Colorado were subjects relegated to headline news? Think again. The latest in video games addresses these subjects with a unique and effective approach.

Canadian Terror Attacks Thwarted

The latest on the Canadian Terror suspects.

Back to School with BusRadio

Children around Massachusetts may go back to school next fall to the tunes of BusRadio, a new private radio network that caters to school-age kids and the companies that want the youngsters as customers.

Staying Peachy Keen

One peach grower who grows organic peaches, nectarines and grapes on his 80 acre farm south of Fresno California talks about peaches of yesteryear.

This program aired on June 6, 2006.


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