Show rundown for 6/22/2006

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Proposals to Withdraw Troops Gunned Down in Senate

As expected, today's conclusion of the Senate Debate slammed the door on the two democratic proposals to begin the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq this year.

Somalian Anti-American Sentiment Intensifies

American flags are burning throughout Somalia as US officials are demanding that Somalia's Islamic leaders turn over three men accused of Al Qaeda related terrorist activity.

America' Episcopal Church

Having just elected its first female head, the Episcopal Church in America is the subject of more controversy as it reaches for a new consensus on the election of gay bishops.

USA Gone After Falling to Ghana

Bill Littlefield of "Only A Game" joins us to discuss this morning's loss for team USA and what's in store for Ghana after their 2 to 1 victory, as well as other highlights from the world of sports.

Bridging Strait to Sicily

A Proposal to construct a bridge across the Strait of Messina, will not only allow travelers to quickly access the island, but may also bridge the economic gap between one of the poorest areas in Europe and the mainland.

This program aired on June 22, 2006.


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