Show rundown for 7/18/2006

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Today in the Middle East

Despite diplomatic efforts to end the fighting along the border of Israel and Lebanon, the conflict brought yet another day of destruction.

Big Coal, Big Secret

Could coal be the fuel of the future? Jeff Goodell, author of "Big Coal: The Dirty Secret Behind America's Energy Future," argues that coal will continue to power the US and our "shiny white i-pod economy"

Women in Science

A transgender professor offers a unique perspective on women's role in the scientific community.

New Orleans Hospital Employees Face Murder Charges

Officials in New Orleans announced today that a doctor and two nurses will be charged with second degree murder, in the deaths of patients at Memorial Medical Center in the days after hurricane Katrina.

Oil Prices Approach Record Levels

Cringe at the gas prices every time you fill up? Here & Now has the latest on the rising oil prices and what you can expect to pay at the pump in the upcoming months.


Director Gavin Hood used the production of his Academy Award winning film, "Tsoti," to express his feelings about crime in South Africa.

This program aired on July 18, 2006.


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