Show rundown for 7/20/2006

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Bush Appears at NAACP

After declining five consecutive invitations to appear at the NAACP annual convention, Bush addresssed the group this morning in Washington.

"The Syringa Tree" by Pamela Gien

The apartheid story through the eyes of a South African child.

International Response

As Civilian death toll rises in Lebanon, so does international concern.

Investigating the Big Dig Disaster

Here & Now looks into why builders thought a kind of glue could suspend twelve tons of concrete panels from Big Dig tunnel ceilings.

This Weekend in Sports

Two champions will emerge in Europe this weekend... one on the golf course in England and the other on the road in France.

Subversive Choppers' Urban Legion

We hear from Morning Edition producer Nina Mitchell about an unusual group of bicyclists who enjoy midnight spins around Boston.

This program aired on July 20, 2006.


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