Show rundown for 7/24/2006

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Condoleezza Rice Visits Beirut

Rice meets with Lebanese PM to initiate diplomatic efforts that might end nearly two weeks of fighting across the Israel Lebanon border, but is a ceasefire realistic?

Proxy War in the Middle East

Here & Now takes a closer look at how Iran may be manipulating some of the events in Lebanon and Israel as part of a larger effort to become a dominant player there.

Iraq: Why We Can't Leave Now

Lawrence F. Kaplan, Senior Editor of The New Republic, explains that as the threat of civil war in Iraq grows, it is even more important that the US does not pull out.

Charles Taylor

Liberia, the first African nation to elect a female head of state, is also the first to arrest and extradite a former head of sate.

Farewell to Bloggers

Here & Now looks at how blogging began and what it has become.

Taking off her Tennis Shoes

Only A Game Host Bill Littlefield speaks with tennis great, Martina Navratilova, who, at age fifty, has just announced her retirement.

This program aired on July 24, 2006.


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