Show rundown for 7/26/2006

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Report from Rome

Here & Now has the latest on today's international efforts to quell Ithe sraeli- Hezbollah conflict in Rome.

Inside the Israeli Army

An American in the Israeli army offers his perspective on the conflict.

Shark Bites

WBUR's Christina Russo reports from Martha's Vineyard's annual shark tournament last weekend, which triggered protest from animal welfare organizations.

Islamic Rule in Somalia

After fifteen years of civil war in Somalia, an Islamic regime may offer stability, but will Somalia become a haven for terrorists?

Making Mathematicians

Convinced that some kids were simply made for math and science? Recruiters in American schools are on a mission to spark more interest in careers in math and science.

30 Days, Season Two

The hit reality show, 30 Days, kicks off a second season.

This program aired on July 26, 2006.


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