Show rundown for 8/9/2006

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Carroll's Kidnappers Arrested

According to US Military officials, four Iraqi soldiers have been arrested and charged with the kidnapping of American journalist Jill Carroll.

Cuba: Another Turning Point

Renowned journalist Alma Guillermoprieto speaks with us about her experience teaching dance in Cuba in 1970 and the nation's future after Castro is gone.

Lieberman Loses, What Now?

Here & Now looks at the results of last night's primaries, and what they mean for the November elections.

You're on Here & Now

Today, Here & Now hears from you, our listeners, on some of our recent stories.

"World Trade Center" Hits the Big Screen

Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center," the second film to bring 9/11 to theaters, opens today.

This program aired on August 9, 2006.


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